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Xiamen Legang Materials Technology Co., Ltd, based on the solid foundation of corrosion electrochemistry and research method of relevant areas, has raised itself into the rank of world leading position in terms of scanning electrochemical probe technique. With over 30 years of accumulation and experience in electrochemical study of micro area and facing to national demand and international trend, we are always committed to boosting the commercialization of research findings, providing service with science and technology, realizing industrialization so as to lay a foundation for the scientific and technological progress, economic development, structural transformation as well as the improvement of international prestige. We now boasts various high-tech products including XMU-BY-LG scanning electrochemical workstation, XMU-LG portable coating corrosion rapid detector, array electro measuring system, reinforced concrete structure corrosion monitoring system, all kinds of advanced corrosion sensor and detecting/monitoring technologies, etc.

Located at the Xiamen Industrial Technology & Research Institute, Jimei Avenue, Jimei District, Xiamen Legang Materials Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company specialized in researching and producing various corrosion detecting/monitoring products, as well as providing solutions to different corrosion problems.