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  • MnO2 Solid-state Reference Electrode

MnO2 Solid-state Reference Electrode

MnO2 Solid-state Reference Electrode can be applied in the tracking measurement of rebar corrosion potential and cathode protection potential of reinforced concrete structure. It is also applicable to the mild acid, neutral or alkaline soil and water environment. It plays a significant role in the tracking measurement of potential of reinforcement corrosion monitoring and cathode protection of the reinforced concrete system.


1. It is applicable to potential control and detection of cathode protection

2. It is applicable to moist or dry concrete structure.

3. It is applicable to concrete structure that has been chloridized and carbonized.

4. It is applicable to various soils and water environment.

5. Full solid-state electrode is featured by long service life, maintenance-free and anti-freezing.

6. Full solid-state electrode has long-term and stable electrode potential (≤±10mV).

7. It is featured by easy installation and strong tolerance in the project.


Note: Each reference has independent code and independent measuring potential.

The standard configuration of the back wire is 2 meters. It can be customized according to your actual operation requirement.