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  • Portable Coating Corrosion Resistance Rapid Detector

Portable Coating Corrosion Resistance Rapid Detector

MCPDP principle was proposed for the first time to develop a portable coating/metal corrosion resistance rapid detector to solve various problems including time consuming measurement of coating/metal corrosion resistance, difficult analysis of damaged sample, real-time measurement industrial site, etc. The instrument, which is unique in design, easy to use, and efficient in measurement, enjoys a leading position in the world and plays a significant role in the coating and coating industry. LG-CT12 portable coating corrosion resistance rapid detector is a unique technique to detect and evaluate the coating of the industrial site in a rapid manner.

Based on the improved nested loop potentiodynamic polarization principle of measurement and integrated with novel portable double electrochemical cell probe, the portable coating corrosion resistance rapid detector can detect the corrosion resistance of organic coating in the industrial site in a rapid and nondestructive manner. This detector has solved the dilemma of time-consuming measurement of coating/metal corrosion resistance as well as the real-time measurement of corrosion resistance of damaged sample in the industrial site.

Technical Characteristics: The portable measuring instrument controlled by microcomputer is featured by fast measurement, high sensitivity, strong anti-disturbance performance, high degree of automation, easy and clear data analysis, sound reproducibility, and simple method as it can be used to measure the response signal of coating/metal system, including polarization current, power, resistance, time, etc, and rapidly evaluate the corrosion resisting property of coating/metal. Therefore, it is applicable to evaluate the corrosion resisting property in the industrial site. This instrument system is originally made in China with rational design, advanced indicator, and strong applicability, and enjoys leading position in the world.

Technical Indicator:

Measurement Scope of Electric Current: 10-3-10-10A

Measurement Scope of Coating Resistance: 103-1010Ω

Measuring Time: 2min-10h

Working Temperature: 0-40℃

Instrument Dimension: 23x12x3cm3

Instrument Weight: 1.0kg

Standard Configuration:

Detector x1

Probe (10x5x5mm3) x1

Test Fluid 250mL

Power Line x1

USB line x1

Operating Manual x1