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Congratulations to my company identified as high-tech enterprises

Release date:2017-01-19 00:48:37 [Back]

Recently, my company has arrived for carmakers.After the beginning of this month as private technology enterprises, our company was received yesterday by the xiamen city science and technology, xiamen municipal bureau of finance, xiamen, xiamen local taxation bureau jointly issued by the state administration of taxation "high-tech enterprise certificate", formally entered the national high and new technology enterprise.

The recognition of hi-tech enterprises is the core independent intellectual property rights to the company, ability of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, research and development of organization and management level, growth indexes and comprehensive assessment and recognition of talents structure, after the screening, quite strict censorship.Company will I finally have decided that the company in innovation, research and development by the national support and recognition, at the same time, actively promote the process of a company independent innovation, independent research and development.